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Age 69
Hey, you! Yes, You! You are always welcome here if you respect the several rules of my kingdom:- Don't ask any free requests in chat. I hate it when people make me cheap. . When you see a person on the street, do you immediately say to this person "bb, hru? ok ?, show tits" ?? Sure?I like the fun, but let's be a little polite here. Everyone put their own meaning into these words. everything is relative and for each person these words have different meanings. So let's just use my name. "Relax. Take it Easy" :) - Please, use English in my room. I don't care, how many languages you or me know. I want all users to be able to speak and understand what is being said without languages barriers. So let's be mutual nice! - If u want have some fun with me - let's go to private! I do not like public sex, everyone has an erotic enjoy in own bedroom. Same here for me. P.S. I'm too shy to just sit naked in free chat :D And by the way, dont ask me turn on spy. In my private shows only is me and my interlocutor.That is why it is called "private". Respect the personal space of both me and my friends, please.Don't be boring . Try realize how many time I hear "hi! hru? how old? where are you from?" (If you do not care about this information, do not be offended. Sometimes i can be a fucking bitch!) So let's be more original here, then we'll have fun together ;D Don't tell me that my work way is not right. I know what the place it is, dont worry. If u don't like my style, position, attention or attitudes - leave my room with out any comments pls. So let's be more original here, then we'll have fun together ;D .kisses mystery.

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