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Age 30
Hello everybody :)I am an open and cheerful girl, i like to enjoy myself, but who does not like? :) I like to dance and sing to even if this might get you deaf :DIf you want to know more, come and spend some time with me...is the only way to get to know me:)Let me help you with some basic rules if you are in my room :1) Dont be rude! We are here to have fun and i will not tolerate disrespect.You will be banned.So please be nice2) Dont call me baby,babe,bb - i have a name,please use it3) Dont send friend request .... i will ask you when i will consider.4) Be polite and say hello when you come in, i wont bite, promise :D5) Dont make any request without tipping because this is my job and the only way for me to pay my bills..... 6) I am not an escort7) Please use English in my room8) Ask before tipping what I am willing to do in exchange of your tip, and do not insist if I say no.9) Important: Be nice with my knights ,they are special to me, any disrespect to them will get you instantly banned ! 10) HAVE FUN and ENJOY !Now you can find me on twitter to @sweetmaddy88ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND ALL MATERIAL COPYWRITED © 2015-2018

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