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Age 18
Sexy,energetic,visionary.In the heart of a raging unquenchable fire that warms friends pleasant conversations. Обо мнеLevel settings for LUSH1 to 4 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 1 SECOND5 to 9 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 5 SECONDS10 to 24 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 10 SECONDS25 to 49 tokens: HIGH VIBRATIONS for 25 SECONDS50 to 99 tokens: HIGH VIBRATIONS for 30 SECONDS100 to 199 tokens: ULTRA HIGH VIBRATIONS for 50 SECONDS200 to 500 tokens: ULTRA HIGH VIBRATIONS for 75 SECONDSSpecial Commands:[99 Tokens] = PAUSE THE QUEUE FOR 99 SECONDS[123 Tokens] = CLEAR THE QUEUE (will remove all pending tips)[55 Tokens] = will randomly choose a level between[111 Tokens] = Send 50 second wave pattern[222 Tokens] = Send 80 second pulse pattern[333 Tokens] = Send 100 second earthquake pattern[555 Tokens] = Send 180 second fireworks pattern Her piercing eyes peek right into your soul making you feel naked and you won't mind it. The closer she moves to you, the more you will be nervous from sexual excitement. She touches you and you are paralyzed by her magnetic passion. You give yourself completely to her, both soul and body. She'll drive you into a frenzy. Your body will tremble with delight. After that, you want it even more.Scorpio woman with powerful sexual energy, intense, mysterious and at the same time has a woman's cool self-control. She is a master at uncovering what others do not know. She has x-ray vision and reads people like a book. Few, if any, risk a snack with a woman for some reason. She has too many lessons in life and in the bedroom and she can teach you many things in the bedroom. "All or nothing" is the life motto of a Scorpio woman. She doesn't do things halfway and won't let you. It is, of course, attracts you with his sexual experience. She will conquer you instantly, and you will only think about the possibility to go to bed with her again. She wants to find a man who will be equal to her. She wants a passionate man who will be able to compare with her sexual libido. She will not let you see her real life and keep around her a certain aura of mystery and mystery that surrounds her elusive aura. But behind the veil of mysteries hiding quite affectionate, very loyal and sweet girl.

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