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Kitten's "Torture The Cutie" Fund- Current Goal: Laptop/Chromebook & Accessories! 1542 tks/20,000 tks-Mini-goals: Continuous Teases/Torture keeps the nips out, Rabbit/small vibe tease every 500 tks, Dildo Cum Show every 2,000 tks, Naked by 1st Cum Show of the day!Hi! So, trying something a bit different for my daily/weekly goals, in order to have a great show and do better shows! Outside of upkeep expenses like internet, electricity, and so on, each week's goal will go towards different "Wishlists/Show Tools" such as:#Better Camming Equipment#Pantie Stockpile (potentially for selling, maybe)#New/Fun Toys and Accessories - Vibes, Mounts, Nip Clamps, Spankers, & So On#Backup Lovense Toys for when Batteries are done but the fun isn't#Cum Towel Stockpile#P.O. Box Fees for spoiling w/gifts and mailing sold itemsAnd so on!Each goal will reset when met/ the next Monday, whichever comes first - so if it's not met on a Monday, it will still carry over into Tuesday, including mini-goals!I will be showing/unboxing my show items on cam for you all to see and enjoy, so let's get to torturing me, making me cum, and having fun!*Height: 5' 8"Weight: Not telling, Don't ask!Breasts: 46DDD - No milk, No kids - All Natural!Hair: Depends on my Mood, currently pink!Nerdy, cat-loving, videogame-playing Cam tease next door! I'm just here to have nerdy chat, laugh at bad puns, drive you insane with my teasing, and let you help me lose control when I orgasm with my lovense toys you use on me by tipping!I AM a full-time cam model, and while I'm new to this site, I'm not new to camming in general, so here's the low-down:*I DO: -Have a partner/BF, so yes I am spoken for and I'm not going to leave him for some random fuckboy-Love videogames, good music, great books, and awesome movies-Love to chat about those things, as well as wordplay and bad puns, so don't be shy!-Love to tease-Love my supporters/tippers and am quite generous to those who show me love without being rude, demanding, or begging-Love being teased and tortured with my lovense toys and seeing how many orgasms I can have, if you can make me squirt, and if you can make me tap out-Price my services as more than fair - I don't expect or want you to spend your last dime on me, but I do appreciate all the help, love, support, and appreciation you share with me for sharing my private life and personal time with you, and that includes not haggling on prices! This isn't a street fair!*I DO NOT: -Have a skype or any desire to get it back or use it - My comp is too old to run it and I've had too many time wasting scammers on it-Share any personal info of any kind - Name, Address, Location, Number, GamerTag, any of it - I've had enough stalkers in my real life in the past, I have no desire to add to that list -Meet up of any kind, at any time, for any amount of money - I am not an escort or a prostitute, and I will not leave the safety of the no-touch cam environment! If i ever go to cam conventions, that would be the only time!-Have any panties/clothes for sale at this time - I don't have a big enough following to foot the expenses, we'll see if that changes later-Do any kind of Sub/Dom/Bondage/Fetish work - I have no experience with it, and at this time have no real desire to learn it, I have too many other things to focus on right now-Tolerate any kind of name-calling, begging, demands, or rudeness in my room to me or my other users - This goes for EVERYONE, tippers and non-tippers alike - If there is a problem I will handle it - trying to do it for me without my permission will get you banned!-Take any other form of payment other than tokens! If you want to surprise me with an Amazon giftcard just out of appreciation, that's fine, but it will not go towards any of my tip menu items or shows - though it will most likely be used for items to be used IN my shows.-Have time for anyone who can't be fucked to read my bio - If you can't be assed to learn about me and what i do in my shows so we both can have a good time, then I can't be assed to deal with you or respect your wishes since You can't respect mine-Fuck with scammers or people who want everything for free/freeloaders - All services are paid for up from, for the exact service and exact amount of time, with no extras unless I deem you worthy and absolutely no negotiations or reduction in prices/no freebies-free previews - I know how to spot a scammer a mile away and the second you hit my radar you're gone-Do any Anal/Fisting/Piss/Scat/Fetish Play/Spit/Self nipple sucking/JOI/Role-playing - Certain things I can't do for medical/health reasons, certain things are against site rules, and certain things I'm just not comfortable with thanks to years of narcissist abuse - if you don't want to trigger that, Don't push it.-Do anything I've already said no to once - NO MEANS NO!-Watch other's cams at the moment - I do not have a computer that can handle it, and it's distracting to my shows right now honestly. -Care about your dick size or what you look like - I only care if you can keep up with my chat and make me laugh!-Accept compliments in place of tokens - Yes, I know you like my huge breasts and you think i'm stunning/beautiful/fuckable/whatever you think will make the clothes fall off - if you're going to compliment, be genuine and keep it to a minimum, cause they don't make the boobs fall out! Excessiveness will get you kicked!-Smoke! No smoking!*Private Rules:44 tokens a minute, minimum 10 minutes, to be discussed before we start the show - if you see it on my tip menu, i'll do it in private, if you don't we'll have to discuss it. If you send invites without asking me/setting it up first or get demanding about it you'll most likely get banned. *PM Rules: PM'S ARE FOR SETTING UP PRIVATES ONLY! ALL OTHER PM'S W/O PERMISSION WILL BE IGNORED, IF YOU GET INSISTENT OR RUDE ABOUT IT YOU WILL BE BANNED!*Room Rules: -No begging or demanding free shit!-No name calling or rudeness to me or my users!-No asking for personal info/scammers/skype shows/other methods of payment-No "I see it then I tip' shit-Keep Dirty Talk to Tip notes or PAID pm's - i like to keep my nerdy chat (mostly) clean!Please Remember - I'm not just sharing my personal and private life in an intimate setting, I'm literally bringing you into my home. Act accordingly and like you have some common sense and manners, and that you see me as actual human being and not a robot or toy, Or there's the door and I have no problem punting you out of it! :)*Tip Menu: Stand and twirl: 9 tokensFAVORITE LUSH SETTING: 11 tokensFeet flash: 14 tokensNip Slip: 25 TokensPantie Flash: 24 TokensChange/Request Song: 28 TokensTeasing Dance: 35 TokensFlash Boobs: 50 Tokens Booty Flash/Shake: 60 TokensDoggy Booty Stretch/Flash: 75 TokensPussy Flash: 100 TokensClit play: 125 TokensToy Play: 200 Tokens per 5 MinutesRemove one piece of clothing(if more than one): 300 tokensInstant Naked: 900 TokensInstant Cum Show, No toys: 1200 TokensInstant Cum show W/ Toys: 1500 TokensSnapchat for Life: 400 TokensAll prices are in One single tip - No negotiations!*Twitter: https:/ - Follow for daily show schedules and updates!Amazon wishlist: https:/

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