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serious turn offs!Top 10 worst things said in free chat (and my answers forall of them): 1 - "Can you call me daddy?" - If that's whatthe police needs for me to single you out in a lineup, sure.2 - "I have my cam on. Why aren't you getting naked?"- Please put some underwear on. We're in free chat andyou might be too dumb to be here.3 - "I would love to fly you out to meet me. I have lotsof money." - I like it, but we should take it slow. Let'sspend a day together in pvt, and then if I like it I'llconsider it. A whole day. Eight hours. In pvt. And I get tosleep for part of it4 - "You know you shouldn't smoke." - I alsoshouldn't hit you with a hammer, but the smoking relaxesme and prevents me from doing random acts5 - "Do you want to go to pvt?" - When you go to arestaurant, do you ask yourself if you want to eat?6 - "Do you pee or poo?" - I enjoy doing it in theprivacy of my own bathroom without an audience, especiallyafter a good meal7 - "Do you squirt?" - Look at my name again. Noticehow it doesn't say Kitendoesn'tsquirtt?8 - "Are those tits real?" - Of course not. I takethem off when you're not looking.9 - "If you show me ass, I'll take you to pvt."- Dear, you just showed me you're an ass. Now take mepvt anyway10 - "Have you ever had a 10 inch cock?" - No, Ihaven't. I guess we have something in common, don'twe?11 - "If I pay for private, and if you are comfortable with this, can I watch you gag yourself really hard with your finger while your completely naked?" - I am not comfortable with this. And by "this", I don't mean you paying for private.12 - "Show me something and make me hard bb" - Oh dear. Hard? You're already difficult.13.dick is better than smoking" - You're totally right. When I light the balls on fire, everything smells like bacon14."What's your favorite role play?" - I play a sleepy and hungry model, you play a rich man with a sleeping fetish.15."Can I see your pussy?" - How the hell do I know what your eyes can see? Do you have x-ray vision? I don't know.16."Do you have any toys?" - I have a ball, and a hula hoop, and a frisbee, and both Barbie and Ken. Ken has no genitals. Remind you of someone?

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