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ENGLISH **********************************************************************************************************************Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Welcome in my darkness, my place where I deliver fiction! Enjoy my blindfull world and show some gratitudine in tokens! If you are not brave enought, please keep walking! :nopussyhereI am a fiction character, not a RT prodomme! I have my own believes called: bdsm IMPORTANT: sadists are not submissive, nor dominants!***********************************************************************************************************************Very important announcement:Done! I am independent as a chathost! Now I am my own boss, and I will decide who will get paid from my % RECEIVED from site, and most important WHEN! Wish me good luck!***********************************************************************************************************************Daily news:Sometimes I come online more late than usual or I stay just few hours. My girls that I was drag them to go independent as me, need it to have a place where to work too. So I was stand from my chair and let them to receive their money too. Because we have only one functionable room. We see each other later.***********************************************************************************************************************Informal note for rest of the time of 2018:MY SCHEDULE IS NOT A FIXED yet.During of a week I try to cover all periods of times. I have 2 another souls who need a little support and sometimes to share with them what I allready have or saved it, to become independent as a cammer. They was there for me, at least I can do for them ATM. I dont justify myself, Its just an informal note for those who deserve and apreciate TRUTH.***********************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION!ATTENTION!Respect yourself and you will be surprised what engine is this small detail! For those too lazy to read my huge profile, I have some free videos here or on my youtube channel *imperatrizad where i explain mostly what I type it here too. Enjoy it!**********************************************************************************************************************WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! WARNING!DON'T expect:body nudity,strip clothes, dating, exposing yr personal details for my own gain, broke the rules of this/my site/room,taboo or toilet fantasy.I don't watch: pain 'till permanent marks, suicidal creepy plans, extreme torture or blood.*************************************************************************************************************************************Serious Warning: people: READ MY PROFILE!I KNOW,some MALES become IGNORANTS,DUMB,IDIOTS ETC when they are horny but still .. you will waste your money and tokens and fuck your time,trying to convince someone who allready decided what she will do for her money!This room is owned by a woman with "short" temper and very old fair-play values/morals! You assume her reactions at your behavior and your manners, or lack of them! if you misbehave in public chat, you will be banned automatically! To misbehave its part of the play, so use cam2cam or private!**********************************************************************************************************************RULES AND IMPORTANT MESSAGES:**********************************************************************************************************************NO skype.No teamviewer.NO PAYPAL.NO TITS.NO PUSSY. NO DEMANDS.NO DATING/RT BDSM SESSIONS. NO BANK TRANSFER. NO ASK FOR PAYMENTS OUTSIDE THIS SITE. KEEP CALM AND TRIBUTE YOUR EMPRESS! The Proper Response is ALWAYS ending with: ", EMPRESS/miss/imperatriza/Anastasia/MISTRESS!" after you :tip In my world,everyone EXIST&they have A name.*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************In chess “One bad move nullifies forty good ones.” – Bernhard Horwitz. "Like here: a bad move of yours will become the last one. BDSM as Chess....involve to have a MIND and enought brave to Open it. " Imperatriza"The most powerful weapon in Chess is to have the next move." David Bronstein Here: next move yours and is to have my attention!“Chess is all about getting the king into check, you see. It's about killing the father. I would say that chess has more to do with the art of murder than it does with the art of war.” ― Arturo Pérez-Reverte, The Flanders Panel**************************************************35089 tokens (renovation of 3th room ASAP THANK YOU!) 'till 30 octomber 2018 +58500 tokens next extra bills+1345642 tokens for Female Supremacy Legacy.Offline/PM tips are all WELCOMED&appreciated!**********************************************************************************************************************New pictures/Videos about my new location start with june/july 2018 + BAREFEET IN BATHROOM ONLY AT 187 OR 202 TOKENS in my gallery **********************************************************************************************************************WARNING! WARNING!Gray coloured MEMBERS(those who never spent EVER one cent on this site, to support models and technics team) are automatically blocked as they TYPE HERE(by me or by knights of my room). NO SPAM ROOM! I am allergic at greedy parasites!No demands in my public room! no general questions in my room or questions that i was answered in my profile! if you like what you hear or see,better tip instead type words WITHOUT A PROPER TIP. Words doesnt help a model like me who broadcasting with so many stage props! Prosps involves money, I SPENT LOTS of money on stage props !***********************************************************************************************************************My show is based on role-play games based on fantasies meant to relaxing all parts involved. I don't want to offend anyone and I am not responsable for how you understand my show in case that sometimes is public.If for some PERSONAL reasons you don't like my show or maybe what I don't show/say, just calmly leave the room or me/my knights will help you to leave MY page.******************************************************************************************************************************Guests&grays,are automatically muted! No matter what they type! (except models who speak of them without education and juda type, shut the fuck and sit on yr own page).Also paying members will be block immediatlly when i observe they are waste OF TIME(camming is a non-commercial business, here WE DONT DO PUBLICITY FOR PRODUCTS).If you dont buy credits to sustain camming, you should not visit this KIND of sites!OF COURSE we charge EVEN JUST FOR CHATTING!***********************************************************************************************************************************Make sure that I am the right woman suitable for your cravings/NEEDS.I'm here to pandering your fetishes and hunt your weakness, feeding myself with your kinky fantasies or empting your balance account.I am a nightmare of woman for assholes*including those who considering about himself a gentleman but their facts are of being shitasse.s, parasites OR/AND extremists idiots.*************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!to start a PM its 50 tks except my regulars who are doing cam2cam/pvts in last week at least ones. you can send tks in OFFLINE way in a PM without NOBODY else see it, just me&YOU.(System will not advertising IN MAIN PUBLIC ROOM)So no need to give explanation in case that you have also other goddess/findomme*************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!Tip for my attention and keep tipping for keep my attention.Any value of private or TIP it's appreciated,Thanks!Also Tips make me HARD working. I am a workaholic sociopath.This room accept generous tips from anonymous members!if you will open a PM and send there a tip,nobody else will see it, just me and you!Thank you!**************************************************************************************************************************************READ RULES OF FETISH AREA VIA MY GALLERY! Also MY ROOM rules,TIP MENU & list of expertise are there! Thanks!use wiselly yr time&words.***************************************************************************************************************************************The ONLY real rule in my room is to treat everyone with respect.If you hear me speaking with someone else try to not type your thoughts while I am already involved in a discussion.If I don't have audio thats mean my VISITOR(NOT MY CLIENT) NEED privacy/exclusive 100%.Don't panic, sound will be turned on soon!***************************************************************************************************************************************Anyone who uses racial slurs,sexist language or epithets will be swiftly removed from this room************************************************************************************************************************************************************PRIVATE OR CAM2CAM IS OPENED! I charge MINIMUM FOR CAM2CAM 16 TOKENS/MINUTE. If I am not dressed in a fetish outfit, I can add any fetish items, during the CAM2CAM. Privates are 150 tokens/minutes....this is the cost for your PRIVACY , your value. I DON'T OFFER VANILLA/cum/naked SHOW.****************************************************************************************************************************************Thanks for reading the Room Rules!! (not everyone does it) Wash your hands&penis,BEFORE masturbating because after you will cum, need to eat yr cum from yr hand!If you like anal, don't use the same hand for fingering your ass cunt! In this way I will have less spam text! Thank you!*****************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!This room is about fantasies&fetishism,not partialism!As a form of partialism I offer just Podophilia FOOT FETISH&Hand fetishism.FETISHISM is part of hardcore fantasies. ALSO I CAN OFFER non-adult discussion(in my limits because I'm not google),BDSM fantasies/cam2cam,support for sexual disorder/ autism spectrum.So,I'M LIMITED.****************************************************************************************************************************************If you didnt understand, you may go back and read those paragraths.Nobody will be upset if you will stop here and just walk out from my room and come back in a better moment.I BROADCASTING many hours/days and maybe another time you will got some spare time and energy to do the RIGHT / POLITE / FAIR PLAY WAY HERE THIS INTERACTION..If you have some time you may continue. *****************************************************************************************************************************************ROMANIAN*****************************************************************************************************************************************Buna dimineata,Romania! Sanatate si multa minte! Stiu, este deprimant.. am cont( si )aici! Imi pare rau pentru voi ca nu am crapat inca. Va trebui sa va impacati cu ideea caci ceea ce nu m-a omorat inca, ma face mai puternica.Sunt terapeut deviatii sexuale doar in private xxx tokens/minute!Poti vorbi si de alte probleme caz ca ai,doar ca nu am specializare decat pt deviatii sexuale si pt cei din autism spectrum.Nu fi mojic,nu sunt un chathost care tolereaza libidinosii.Nu ma opri pe strada ca nu ma intereseaza ce probleme ai cand sunt cu ai mei,pt asta am program aici si nu e nevoie sa deschizi webcamul,chiar nu am nevoie sa-ti vad moaca. Tradu civilizat profilul meu si invata sa te comporti civilizat pe pagina mea.Nu sunt romancutele tale si nici genul de stapana de care probabil esti pasionat.Daca esti chathost sau ai un studio ori lucrezi la unul si ai "nevoi", pagina mea nu este locul unde sa-ti descarci nervii. Poti sa cauti: a)un psiholog caz ca nu mai faci fata la stressul zilnic b)alti angajati c)du-te la teatru....alfabetul are 25 de litere, iar cel romanesc cu cateva in plus.Fii calm/a. Nu este vina mea ca nu stii sa-ti gestionezi nervii si ai probleme de gestionare a solutiilor in cazuri de concurenta sau visezi ca as fi buna sa fiu vaca buna de muls sa-ti invat angajatii angajatele sa se descurce online. Cand nu intelegi ceva, incarca si trimite niste firimituri de tokens intr-un mesaj private. O sa-ti raspund cu placere. Nu ma intereseaza nici o alta oferta de job,salveaza-ti timpul, nu am de gand sa ma "ascund" dincolo de webcam. Daca ai o parere despre ce fac eu online, ridica mana stanga si acopera-ti gura cu dansa.Daca chiar ai mai gasit inca o alta parere, ridica cealalta mana si acopera mana stanga asezata pe gura ta, poate ii e frig. Aceasta e pozitia corecta sa stai pe pagina mea cat sunt LIVE. De ce nu am eu blocata ROMANIA nu este cu siguranta un motiv sa-ti expui TU parerile. Iti doresc o zi buna si SPOR! sau te bag in pizda ma-tii din oficiu caz ca nu respecti regulile paginii mele.E unica care o s-o simti atata timp cat te incapatinezi sa iti scrii parerile aici.***************************************************************************************************************************************ENGLISH*****************************************************************************************************************************************This room accept generous tips from anonymous members!if you will open a PM and send there a tip,nobody else will see it, just me and you!Thank you! TIP anonimous in PM or public or offline ...... for my attention! thank you! Enjoy My gallery! Be polite! Be generous! 4887 it's the minimum goal of the day!Let's do it!*****************************************************************************************************************************************TIP MENU:****************************************************************************************************************************************Hello!EVERYDAY u have the chance to please THE #sadist #smile #findomme #nylons #humiliatrix #dominatrix.I appreciate any tip/pvt/cam2cam.Make me proud of you!ThX! EVERYDAY At my 7 AM GMT+2 I WILL RESET MY PUBLIC GOAL SHOW:4887 tokens per day. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I am in a bathroom robe or any kind of robe.... all of you should:Dress me in fetish clothes!: 500 tokens I wear First #fetish item(top)! + 500 tokens I add #leggings or #leather #pants! + 500 tokens I add nylons pantyhose or stockings! + 500 tokens I add heels and dangling! or boots!+ 500 tokens I add boots!+ 500 tokens I change #leather #skirt in #nylons! + 500 tokens I add #heels + 500 tokens I add #boots!+ 500 tokens I'll put webcam down for everyone or in the cage,playing with minds of #kinksters! + 387 tokens To make me complete proud of all of you!II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II If I am dressed in fetish clothed: we can play SPIN THE WHEEL! :mhearttip Notice:36 PRIZES 69 tokens/ticket SPIN THE WHEEL! :tokenshower :people LIST OF Prizes IN FOLDER from my Gallery: Wheel of fortune 2019! :myell 1 - smoking cigarette/vaping 3-5min;2 - 5 min nylon socks feet*tan/black/grey/pink/tanwith dots/tan with red;3 - dangling 5 min with red stilletto;4 - dangling 5 min with black stillettto;5 - outfit tease 3 min;6 - black leather overknees boots 5 min;7 - black velvet underkneed boots 5 min;8 - dangling 5 min with wedges;9 - handjob/ JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS;10 - ballbusting with wood crop/spoon/belt; 11 - COCK AND BALLS TORTURE INSTRUCTION12 - CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS; 13 - DANGLING WITH CLEAR SANDALS; 14 - ankle boots by choice: black/red/white; 15 - barefeet close up ; 16 - SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION; 17 - MIDDLE FINGER; 18 - BOTH MIDDLE FINGERS ; 19 - BLACK/red/dark green/purple LEATHER GLOVES ;20 - 7 or 17 or 11 INCHES STRAPON for 5 MIN ; 21 - footjob barefeet (RARE); 22 - medical play/medical gloves plus devices; 23 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 24 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings25 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 26 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 27 - nylon socks fingerless; 28 - nylon socks dots pink; 29 - nylon socks black&red; 30 - nylon socks grey; 31 - nylon socks dots tan/purple32 - nylon socks tan&red&blue; 33 - black nylon feet tease ; 34 - black cotton+nylons socks ; 35 - grey cotton+nylons socks ;36 - flower black cotton+nylons socks III III III III III IIIpermission to read my rest of my profile: FREEEEEENO pm for ask me things that I was allready answered down!Just scroll down!***************************************************************************************************PUBLIC TIPS MENU:Ordinary needs:permission from me to jerk(49) permission from me to type(6) permission from me to slap yr face per slap(8) permission from me to slap yr balls per slap(9)permission from me to slap yr cock per slap(11) permission from me to whip yr back per whip(7) permission from me to tied up yr balls(51) buy my used pantyhose tan black grey(1000) buy my used half until underknees socks(250) buy my old panties gstrings M or full panties L or XL(1001) buy my used nylon socks3per4 until ankles(500) Respect4workers from background of this site(1) Say Hello to me(10)Say Goodbye to me(5)Ask permission4schedule a pvt/cam2cam with me(12)Song request(20)Any fetish items to be wear by me for 15 min(116)Public interrogation(25)wish me a good day(15) offer me a coffee(24) light my cigarette(30) BUY a shot of Vodka FOR ME OR YOURSELF(500)Generous cleavage for 1h(502) my LEGS OR STRAPON webcam down(105) My hair untied(180)red stilleto 30 min(222)red stilleto 15 min(111)glasses off/on(44)Spin the wheel(69) Ass in leggings/skirt(216)Buy my next healthy meal(501) CHANGING MY OUTFIT(999)Give me a day off (I deserve it,I NEED ONE)(5000)Cancelled the day off(5001)PM(50)ATTENTION ATTENTION: MY TIP MENU IS NOT OPTIONAL!For GENEROUS members/HEROS OR MONEY SLAVES/SUBMISSIVES/PIGS:Surgical correction of ear lobe(17700) Female Supremacy Legacy(99999)Buy for me a Webcam logitech CC3000e(30000) pay my Health retire Assurance(4000) pay my Bank House Rate(16000) pay my Heat Electric bill(4001) pay my cell phone and my internet bill(4002)pay my medical GIM bill(4003)Dungeon online room costs(10000)my Dentist bill(4999) send me out for Movies or eating(7000) NEW shoes or boots for online(15999)my mani and pedi(5999) my Hair care(6000)New Lingerie 4 me(4004)my general Shopping(14000)New recliner chair for my old room(16000)renovation of 3th room(35089) ATTENTION!ATTENTION!I search generous humans/friends/heros/ kinksters/fetishists/supporters/fans/ losers/moneyslaves/moneypigs or anybody who think he/she can be My hero for send a total 99999 tokens in a certain day of a week on rotation!********************************************************************************************************************************My Amazon list: In need for another PC for my new work room.Thanks for my new PC.different stuffs AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: Amazon list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list: AMAZON list:************************************************************************************************************************************HELLO!EVERYDAY u have the chance to please THE #sadist #smile #findomme #nylons #humiliatrix #dominatrix.I appreciate any tip/pvt/cam2cam.Make me proud of you!ThX! EVERYDAY At my 7 AM GMT+2 I WILL RESET MY PUBLIC GOAL SHOW:4887 tokens per day. If I am in a bathroom robe or any kind of robe.... all of you should Dress me in fetish clothes!500 tokens I wear First #fetish item(top)! + 500 tokens I add #leggings or #leather #pants! + 500 tokens I add nylons pantyhose or stockings! + 500 tokens I add heels and dangling! or boots! + 500 tokens I add boots! + 500 tokens I change #leather #skirt in #nylons! + 500 tokens I add #heels! + 500 tokens I add #boots! + 500 tokens I'll put webcam down for everyone or in the cage,playing with minds of #kinksters! + 387 tokens To make me complete proud of all of you!***********************************************************************************************************************************My barefeet bath! IN 2018 video can be buy it in my profile with EXCEPTIONAL price of JUST 99 tokens INSTEAD OF 999 TOKENS as was in 2017~Also both barefeet and nyloned feet pictures collection are 200 tokens/each folder. Grab it now!**************************************************************************************************************************************Hello!Stay POLITE AND generous!This still is an exclusive financial FETISH CFNM clothed queer VIDEOCHAT woman room,Not XXX performer. room.REPET: Clothed female.Tip even 1 token to have permission to type in my room.As long as I have a goal there, greys members dont type!*************************************************************************************************************************************MY SCHEDULE IS NOT A FIXED.During of a week I try to cover all periods of times.*************************************************************************************************************************************generous members who sustain fetish models can watch my folder:Tokens gifts list for my online room.*************************************************************************************************************************************For those who need music: Carla's Dreams - "Hobson's Choice" | Track 0 in description exist also words in romanian, so use translation.*************************************************************************************************************************************There are only a few other ways to get on my bad side fast: 1)Telling other folks to tip when you didn't and continue to talk about yr financial situation or lack of founds/credit/debit card.2) Telling me what to do for other people's tips3)Demanding anything such part of body... I DONT COME HERE TO SUSTAIN PARTIONALISM/NUDITY/PORN COMUNITY. I am a sex worker because i am a sex therapist. And because I have a porn vocabulary. 4) Saying *anything* negative about ANY other women who have a webcam opened in any site; the person you're complaining about, probably have a strong reason why was treat you in that way. Is not my fault because you lost control of your life and mixed yr life/job/fun/sexual needs.5)My name here is Imperatriza, russian version of Empress so calling me in other ways then my screen name is DENIED. Calling me with entitled that comes in your mind is not being nice, it's to try to bite my "ass" without my consent. In any civilization, humans have their own names.Adjust your atitude at MY name not at your needs.6)Broke rules of site where you type/worse:didnt know about this rules7) Have an attitudine of client/customer.Please keep in mind that while I love sharing my time and my experience with you, I'm not a vending machine. All shows are based on the energy and feel of the room, I never fake anything; including my interactions, I want to be authentic and genuine with everyone I meet here.**************************************************************************************************************************************This is a freak, consensual bdsm, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans* and queer friendly room. I do not have any tolerance for those who live their present in a continue ignorance,based on hate and being selfish from financial point of view.I identify myself as queer. Please observe respect this while you are here. To do otherwise will result in immediate removal.And I look in my past only to remember the best time with best humans not unblock screennames.***************************************************************************************************************************************I'm Expert in SOPHROLOGY,Bondage&discipline,Role playing,Sadomasochism.FETISHES such as: Dominatrix,Leather,Latex&rubber,Legs,feet&shoes,Lingerie&stockings,Nails,Outfits,Smoking, Armpits,CBT cock&ball torture,Discipline,Domination,Feminization,Glasses,Glove,Heels,Humor,Interrogation,Lycra,spandex, Make up,Masks,Medical play,Nylons,Orgasm Denial,PVC,Satin,Silk,Socks,Strap-ons,Tickling,Whips etc detailed list is down, very down on my profile.***************************************************************************************************************************************SEXUAL/EROTIC FETISHISM :***************************************************************************************************************************************is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part.The object of interest is called FETISH; the person who has a fetish for that object is a FETISHIST.A sexual fetish may be regarded as a non-pathological aid to sexual excitement, or as a mental disorder if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life.***************************************************************************************************************************************Sexual arousal from a particular body part can be further classified as PARTIALISM. PARTIALISM:occurs in heterosexual,bisexual, and homosexual individuals. The foot is considered one of the most common partialisms. ***************************************************************************************************************************************PARAPHILIA: is a sexual perversion/deviation based on an intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, associated by individuals. Exists over 549 types of paraphilia.One of the method to keep it under control any types of paraphilia is Cognitive behavioral therapy*CBT using a combination of the basic principles from behavioral and cognitive psychology. Therapist's role is to assist THAT HUMAN in finding and practising effective strategies to address the identified goals and decrease symptoms of the disorder. I use erotic hypnose and sophrology. Sophrology is the study of the consciousness in harmony; a healthcare philosophy made of very practical physical&mental exercises aiming at a prepared mind in a focused body.With this method I can help to accept your sexuality&have a harmonious relation between your:mind, sexual needs&body.*****************************************************************************************************************************************SUBMISSIVITY-DOMINATION:Being ready means willing to sacrifice your own needs over MINE,it means you want to serve ME for all time while we build a harmonious sub/DOMME relationship where,even the blood in your veins pump around your sub body just to serve ME.Rules 4 visitors:1-Obey at once.2-Mind your business&tip.3-Stay on your knees with your eyes down if you think about yourself as being a slave.4-Anything else that u want to type to me,make sure that u type after you send a tip in credits.*****************************************************************************************************************************************FINANCIAL DOMINATION: is when people, usually slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money to a Dominant Female. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled in any and every way possible.True financial domination means that the slave TRIBUTES money(here TOKENS) on his own volition (i dont need to tease and sweat or yell at you, nerd/jerk/loser!) without expecting anything in return. ("oh, yr shows r poor" "show me your pussy, bb" "you will be my slave because u need money"... no shit! I dont need your money! I deserve all your money...Just like that).The only thing that u will get it is MAYBE the Mistress humiliates the slave verbally while he tributes HER. Many Financial Slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis,as well as buy their Mistresses gifts whenever told to or whenever theyfeel necessary. Ofter a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Mistress' BILL which he will pay faithfully every month for Her. True power is having the opportunity to say NO and laugh at the same time. #losers/jerks/nerds/nillionaires never win.Pls visit my folder: Tokens gifts list for my online room to choose gifts for my online dungeon! Thank you!******************************************************************************************************************************************May EXTRA bills:ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!0. Transition in another location 32182 tokens 1.Webcam logitech CC3000e:30000 tokens 2.Surgical correction of ear lobe(one was split because of my earings):17700 tokens 3. New recliner chair for my first room: 10800 TOKENS TOTAL: 90682 tokens You can anytime adopt one of them or part of them.ADOPT bill/s: 1/as many as you can afford it!List of MY REGULAR BILLS:1. Health/retire Assurance 4 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)2. Bank House Rate: 16 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)3. Heat/Electric: 4 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)4. cell phone/internet: 4 000 tokens /month5.medical GIM: 4 000 tokens /month6. Dungeon online room costs: 10 000 tokens /month7. Dentist: 5 000 tokens /month8.Helphy food: 10 000 tokens /month9.Hair: 6 000 tokens /month10.Movies/eating out: 7 000 tokens /month11.Lingerie: 4 000 tokens /month12.Shopping: 16 000 tokens /month13.Mani/Pedi: 6 000 tokens /MONTH14.Shoes/boots: 10 000 tokens /MONTHTOTAL: 245 000 tokens / month Donation for my matherials at autists subjects(Im independent volunteer therapist):100/400/500/1000/2000/5000 tokens depends how many days/hours will be need it at Humanitary Associations!Savings for annual Holiday: 4 000-8 000 tokens /monthEmergency Founds: 10 000 tokens Total2: 269 000-273 000 tokens SPOIL ME WITHOUT REASONS: 100-12 000 tokens****************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!******************************************************************************************************************************FOUNDS FOR assure my FEMALE SUPREMACY (ASK ABOUT IT IN MY PM CHAT....I HAVE A BUNCH OF "MONKEYS", "EATING" EVERY WORD I TYPE IN ON MY PROFILE)1 345 642 tokens1 345 642 tokens1 345 642 tokensSTART TO COLLECT:99 999 tokens / month to save. Well, I search 1/2/3/4/10/100/10000 generous humans/friends/heros/kinksters/fetishists/supporters/fans/losers/moneyslaves/moneypigs to "adopt" this bill ASAP.It'a a damn important EXTRA bills and LET'S BE CLEAR: SOME OF YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH!here you can send tokens in OFFLINE way in a private message without NOBODY else see it, just me and YOU. System will not advertising how much you was send me if you TIP in this way. So no need to give explanation in case that you have also other goddess or findomme.****************************************************************************************************************************No matter how many credits you will spend here, I will appreciate! For my middle finger just ask polite after tip, also for verbal abuse!*im not a mindreader.P.S. "monkey"...get a fucking life and take care about it! My life and what the fuck I do is not your business! Take care of your liver, will blow up one day if you still study so much my page!*********************************************************************************************************************************A lady like me have 4 animals:a jaguar in her garage,a tiger in bed, a slave-dog in her cage and a pay pig who will pays for it all.I search all 4, everytime when I come online. When I am not with a whip in my hand ... I can be a therapist.Btw,domination is the act of taking or accepting control of a WILLING person/human.Be willing one with me and I will help you to feel safe when we r alone. :)*********************************************************************************************************************************I like to think that I am a sadistic videochat WOMAN,Not A xxx PERFORMER who accidentally studied psychology*yeah i was have it lots of free time. .Be human with yourself, click pvt and I will help you to feel yourself: my dog, my shit, my loser, my slave, my men, my king ecc. But give this right to yourself.Because its yr demand, not my request/order!(I help HUMANS TO HAVE DIFFERENT FEELINGS)When yr wallet and yr body will be bound,yr mind will be free and yr soul sighs.*****************************************************************************************************************************BDSM involve CONSENSUAL=giving and receiving.Mistress,slave,bitch,my,yours,love etc r not just words to type. Words without proper actions/facts = blasphemy my religion*BDSM it is my sexual WORLD. Dont even try it.I will pay attention only2visitors who are really know why a mistress like me is in a free room chat.It is a privilege to give free talk/preview,but dont abuse it.***************************************************************************************************************************When I give you my time, I’m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back.Please don’t make me regret it.When you completely trust another person, you will end up with one of two outcomes. A friend for life or a lesson for life.************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Main areas of interest: Just Giving(IM ONLY ONLINE BASED, pls respect this border, thank you!)(MOST OF THIS session are SAFE SANE AND CONSENSUAL, using my SOPHROLOGY methods.....but do not forgot that I am also expert in VERBAL AND MENTAL HUMILIATION):Ownership&Collaring,slave&sissy&chastity&anal&human pet training,humiliation(giving),speedy tips session,abrasionDISCIPLINE: you need: ruler, whip, crop, flog, tissues, aloe vera gel, tooth paste and bookssissification,bimbofication,verbal abuse,tease&denial,blk,femizisation,erotic hypno,medical&foot°radation play(giving),massage prostate,figging,keyholding,cuckolding,pay pigs,interrogation,orgasm denial/control,exposer/public humiliation(giving),watersports training(giving),Wrestling fantesy.waxing(giving),em domination&task settings.Ignoring session (giving)speedy tips session (receiving)Goddess Worship-CFNM clothed female naked manFemale SupremacyTotal Power Exchangeslave training (giving)sissy training humiliation (giving .. all sorts)Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) WEBCAM,Ball stretcher/crusher,Cock rings,Testicle cuffs,Humblerleather,Tweezer clamps,Riding Crop,Weights,Chains,Whips,Crops,Floggers,Bull whips,Flicker whips,Canes,gates of hells(cock ring), vibrating ring,urethral rod, Nipple Rings,Anal beads,Prostate massagers,parachute(small collar),testicle cuffs, cock/balls stretcher, Crushing Device, Urethral Spreader, Electro Rings, Electro Rod, chastity cage, cock tube, vibrating urethral rod, Spiked Cock Ring, Urethral Rod ecc ; households: Rubber Bands, Shoelace, String, tape,candle wax for hot wax,ice cubs, pliers, needles,nettles,hotchilli paper, Wooden Spoon, Clover clamps,brushes,paddle,Clothespins, leather belt, Spiked Wheel ecc+/- abrasion, +/- sandpaper,,rough silkchastity (giving)Chastity Training/enforced chastity, y need WEBCAM, Chastity belts, Chastity devices, Asslocks, Cock cages,financial domination,chemical play & CBT.Other kinky stuff I do with my servants regularly,erotic hypno,ballbusting, y need webcam,balls crusher,paddle,ecc,SPH - small penis humiliation,JOI - jerk off instructions, ,CEI - cum eating instructions (giving),sissification,bimbofication,verbal abuse,tease and denial,feminization,forced fem,blackmail(giving ... also for increase levels of submissions or masochism,not only financial..),mind fucking (giving),micro managing (or Giantess fetish)forced intox (giving),corporal punishment (giving),ass training (giving)/massage of prostate,y need webcam,Plugs,Dildos,Beads,Balls,Anchors,Lube ,hairbrush,cucumber/carrot/banana/etc, pen ,edging y need webcam,religious blasphemy,religious humiliation (giving),blasphemy play,hierophilia,medical play,food play (giving),human pet training (giving),figging (giving),keyholding (giving)I am looking for dedicated,loyal and obedient ONLINE(JUST ONLINE) slaves, sissies, sluts, subs, cuckolds, pay pigs and servants to torment, torture, train, drain, teach and tease.Are you one of this? I am only interested in online servants at the moment,I am NOT looking for any new RT servants.I've collected a bunch of simple facts about serving me in my channels:I am an expert in slave and sissy training.I have years of experience in both online and RT Femdom.I communicate with my slaves and servants on sites in privat or after send me tribute in free/public chatI do email dominating and task setting, as well.I have been cam verified on Elite Financial Domination.Tributes are always required to serve me.Tribtues are non-negotiable and non-refundable.Tributes are paid in advance.You don't have to be a financial slave to tribute.Anything you need,just tribute to me what u have..even if y want only to look at y.My fetish accademy starts everytime when I'm online.I accept visitors/submissives/slaves/servants/sissy(with/without experience)4learning this games with this tools:abrasion webcam,sandpaper,,rough silk,Age play no webcam,role-playingAnal Training/massage the prostate webcam,Plugs,Dildos,Beads,Balls,Anchors,Lube ,hairbrush,cucumber/carrot/banana/etc, pen ass fetish clothed worship +/-webcam (obvious not naked ass, idiot!)auctioned for charity/sellsBalloons +/-webcam,Regular or Body-sized balloons,Inflatables,Pool toys balls stretching webcam,strecher,bathroom use control +/-webcambeating webcam,tools for beatingblindfolds webcam,"body art"branding +/-webcamBoot Worship +/-webcamBondage webcam,Restraints,Ropes,Cuffs,Collars,Straps,Chains,hobble skirt breath control webcamBusting balls webcam,balls crusher,paddle,Cages webcamCaning webcam, cane,Castration/neutering Fantasy +/-webcam, +/- emasculator, +/- Depo Provera,+/-anti-androgen dru*s/Benperidol/gynecomastia/diethylstilbestrol/cyproterone acetate/anti-androgens cells or closets fantasy +/-webcamchamber-pot use webcamChastity Training/enforced chastity WEBCAM, Chastity belts, Chastity devices, Asslocks, Cock cages chemicals castraction fantasy +/-webcamchores webcam,perform chores and / or domestic serviceCock & Ball Torture (CBT) WEBCAM,Ball stretcher/crusher,Cock rings,Testicle cuffs,Humblerleather,Tweezer clamps,Riding Crop,Weights,Chains,Whips,Crops,Floggers,Bull whips,Flicker whips,Canes,gates of hells(cock ring), vibrating ring,urethral rod, Nipple Rings,Anal beads,Prostate massagers,parachute(small collar),testicle cuffs, cock/balls stretcher, Crushing Device, Urethral Spreader, Electro Rings, Electro Rod, chastity cage, cock tube, vibrating urethral rod, Spiked Cock Ring, Urethral Rod ecc ; households: Rubber Bands, Shoelace, String, tape,candle wax for hot wax,ice cubs, pliers, needles,nettles,hotchilli paper, Wooden Spoon, Clover clamps,brushes,paddle,Clothespins, leather belt, Spiked Wheel ecccompetion role-play +/-webcamCondoms +/-webcam,Condoms of various shapes,colors & tastesCreampie/breeding/seeding webcam,internal ejaculation, internal cum shot Crossdressing +/-webcam,Flattening Lingerie,Wigs,High Heels,lips sticks,make-up crotch torture webcam,needles,qtips,Cuckolding +/-webcam, NYLONS,Chastity devices Cum Play WEBCAM,Sperm or sperm-like substancesdouble penetration training webcam,Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube,needles,qtips,dirty talk +/-webcamDiscipline webcam,Restraints, Spanking gear, Outfits,hobble skirt Domination +/-webcam,submissive mood, Bondage gear, RestraintsDeformations / Disabilities WEBCAM, VERBAL HUMILIATION Electrosex/electrostimulation +/-webcam, Electro stimulation devices eye contact restrictions +/-webcamexhibitionism role-play +/-webcamEXPOSER +/-webcam/pictures/videos,twitter or fetlife accountFace Riding/facesitting +/-webcam, ITS A ROLE-PLAY BECAUSE WE R ON CYBERSPACE. Fear +/-webcam, Feet +/-webcam,Nailpolish, Anklets, Toe ringsfeminization webcam,woman clothes&accesories,Flattening Lingerie,Wigs,High Heels,lips sticks,make-upFood Play webcam,food,liquids,foot worship +/-webcamFisting webcam,LubeFlogging webcam,whip with many tailsforced-dressing/feeding/homosexuality/heterosexuality/masturbation/nudity/servitudegolden&brown showers WEBCAM,Rubber or Plastic sheets, GLASS,SPOON,PLATE,GSTRING ETCGags & Blindfolds +/-webcam,Hoods, Blindfolds, Ball gags, Bit gags,cuffts Gas mask webcam,heavy s/m scening Genital Piercing +/-webcam,Nipple , Vaginal, Penile or Anal piercings Hairbrush Spanking webcam,hairbrushHair Pulling webcam,Hair-cut webcam,scissors,comb,hairbrush,Hair Trimmers/clipper,High Heels fetish +/-webcamHousework webcam,Humiliation +/-webcam,Bondage gear, Restraints (erotic)Hypnotism +/-webcam,Interrogations +/-webcamJerk-off Instruction +/-webcam Leather +/-webcam,Harnesses, Suits, Hoods,Licking +/-webcamLingerie fetish +/-webcam Machines WEBCAM,Mechanic fucking machines Masks WEBCAM,Masquerade masks, Spandex hoods, Gas masks Medical +/-webcam, Probes, Penis plugs, Speculums, DilatorsOrgasm Control +/-webcamOrgasm Denial +/-webcam, Chastity devices Outfits +/-webcam,Role-play clothesPain webcam, Ball stretcher/crusher,Cock rings,Testicle cuffs,Humbles,households,leather,brushes.paddle,Tweezer clamps,Clothespins,Riding CropClover clamps,Chains,Whips,Crops,Floggers,Bull whips,Flicker whips,Canes,belt,gates of hells(cock ring),hot wax,ice cubs,Nipple Rings,etcPegging webcam,straponPony play WEBCAM, Crops, Body harness, Bridle set, Bit gag, Leash, Ponytail anal plug Public Humiliation money,+/-webcam(ask what else u need)Punishment +/-webcamPussy Fetish Clothed Worship +/-webcam ( (doesnt mean, that i will get NAKED...or open my legs for make your job more easy.I like it hard way,to sweat,to have why you fighting and living and working for) Rubber / Latex / PVC +/-webcam,Outfits and gear made of these materialsShibari webcam,long ropes different collors,artistic decorations (face)slapping webcam,ruler,(old fashion)spanking +/-webcam,Riding Crop,belt,rules Submission +/-webcam, Collars, Hoods, Leashes, Bondage gear Smoking +/-webcam,Cigarretes, Cigars, SmokablesSneaker fetishism +/-webcamSensory Deprivation +/-webcam,blindfolds, bondage, gags, etc.spitting webcam,Stocks webcam,medieval form of stocks(two hinged pieces of wood with semi-circular holes which when locked together form a ring large enough for the head / neck and wrists to be placed inside)Stockings/pantyhose/socks/nylon/Jacket/jeans/fur/leather/gloves/scarf/latex/spandex/ fetishismStrap-On fantasy +/-webcamSophrology session +/-webcamtease and denial +/-webcam, Chastity devices Tampon Training webcam, tamponsTickling +/-webcam, feathersTit/Nipple Torture +/-webcam,Tweezer clamps,Clothespins,Clover clamps,Chains,Nipple Rings,Whips Crops,Floggers,Bull whips,Flicker whips,Canes,Paddles Training +/-webcam, helping u to understand the sexual aspects of the bdsm lifestyle. Uniforms +/-webcamWater Torture webcam, waterWatersports WEBCAM,Rubber or Plastic sheets, GLASS,SPOON,PLATE,GSTRING,diapers,device4enemas, ETCWaxing webcam,wax Wet & Messy/Forced Bed wetting WEBCAM,Mud, Cream, Oil, Food,diapers whipping webcam, whipp,Wrestling WEBCAM, Crops, Floggers, Bull whips, Flicker whips, Canes, Paddles

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