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Age 25
Don't Forget Follow Me Here 👅totally Prohibited☠NO Phone Numbers❌NO I do not give my personal information❌NO Real❌NO Outside payments❌Rules🧐Do not ask for what is Stipularly Prohibited!Don't ask or demand if you can't contribute, understand that to see something worthwhile, you have to do your part!disrespect me!No Offensive Insults! Unless it's your fetish!No Pranks!Be polite and cordial!No Threats!Requests That I Like🤗If you want to know a little bit about me I invite you to follow me!Be direct to talk about what you want here, I'm not a fortune teller🙄I like them to be naughty and fun🔥I like to engage in conversation with my followers as it's important for me to get to know them a little more!No Hardcore Sex! but if you motivate me🥵 I have no limits!about My Existence😲I love anime😍I like going to the movies🎞My favorite food, rice with chicken!I am short-tempered and strong-willed!A humble and simple girl!My favorite movie is -Coco-!My favorite colors↣ 🎀 🖤 and 🤍I love kittens😽 and dogs🐶I'm outgoing and a fan of sensual both in lingerie and other clothing🤩I love to eat all kinds of food🍔🌭🍕🌯🍖🍤🍣🧆🥘I love chocolate and everything to do with sweets🍫🍩🍮🍦🍭I really like details and surprise gifts!My Hobbies are as follows💋Exercise at home!Reading romantic short story books, science fiction, ghosts and novels!Dancing is my passion but I get tired because of my knee problem!Singing in Spanish or English (depends on the song) hahaha!Writing stories about suffering in love!Drawing withpencil!Sport like Volleyball!✨ In my Shows I like to dance sensual, move my buttocks to the rhythm of twerk, be flirtatious and tender at the same time, undress me without rush, put me in 4 because I like how my Ass looks 🍑, I am delicate when it comes to have sex with dildo because I am tight 😈, I ignore as submissive as long as I am comfortable to what they ask!

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