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Age 22
Hi guys, my name is cati (it's not my real name, but I would have liked it a lot), I'm 21 years old, I love to smile and pout. :-)When I started, I realized a lot of things, one of them was that I had never had an active sex life like now I have it with myself haha ​​it sounds funny, but I discovered how delicious it is to indulge and love me.I also discovered that being here will help me to fulfill all the objectives that I have proposed in my life. Of course, with your help :-D!And many wonder and when you're out of here that you do, here's a short story, when I'm not here I'm at home watching movies or series, oh I love that! , likewise I love being with my pets I love animals, I have a cat and a dog that make my days happy.I like to be here because you know enough people, some wonderful others not so much, besides it's my only job! :-DHere are some things to keep in mind when you are in my room1. Respect other users and me of course2. This is my job so do not get demanding, if you want to see something, ask me how many tks I show (tits, ass, pussy, feet, etc ...)3. Read the topic, so you can know what will happen when it is completed. We had fun!4. If I'm doing a show, please do not come and ask me to do something else just enjoy what you see, and give me a clear message! :-DI think there is no more to say, although if you have any questions come and ask me, I will be willing to answer you!Tip MenuI like you = 10 tksI love you my smile = 7 tksspin the wheel = 40 tksboobs = 50 tks ass = 60 tks pussy = 70 tks twerk = 100 tks song = 20 tks naked doggy = 80 tksAdd My Knights = 400 tkstease naked = 150 tksu name in my body =120 tks

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