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Age 18
Sweet AmyHolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! My name is Amy, I like to laugh, joke and make a very friendly atmosphere. With me you can talk about everything a little, There are no limits as long as you are respectful with me, I am very curious so you can tell me anecdotes, dreams ... Anything, even your day.I am not currently studying :( But I will do it soon, I am on my way to fulfill my dreams, working hard I know I can realize them, In the short term I have material goals, such as a cell phone, a motorcycle and even a house, I like animals, then I will adopt a very cute kitten, and not to sit alone, I will adopt another :D, In the long term I would like: Finish all my academic goals, as are the gastronomy, perhaps some new language, something in astronomy and many more Cosaaas.Anyway, you already know a little about me, now it's your turn, tell me something about yourself :D

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